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31 Mars 2021 0 Commentaires Webmaster

'We need positive action:' 49 women ambassadors speak out for equality as part of recovery from pandemic

There is still a significant gender gap and women have suffered most from the pandemic. It's time to fight for an inclusive, equal, global recovery.

49 Women Ambassadors to the United Nations in New York | USA TODAY

March, women's history month, closes with the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico and against the background of significant setbacks on the empowerment of women caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. From our seats in the General Assembly and our screens at home we have seen it growing: the increase in deaths; gender-based, including intimate partner, violence; abuse of women and girls who speak out; the widening of the gender gap for access to digital technologies; the loss of jobs, the decrease of women's participation in public life and decision-making; disrupted access to essential health care; increase in child marriage; and the diminished access to education. Day by day in this yearlong battle against the pandemic we have seen how women are impacted twice: first by the virus, and then by its devastating secondary effects. We are 49 women ambassadors representing countries from all regions of the world, and we believe that such a reality is simply intolerable. Here we tell that story and what needs to be done to urgently recover the hard-won gains of recent years.

The COVID-19 crisis has a woman's face.

The face of women nurses, doctors, scientists, care-givers, sanitation workers, and of those leading the response to the pandemic.

Women are on the front line:

As leaders delivering effectively with vision and care.

But also as victims of structural vulnerabilities and of violence and abuse.

Indeed, together we can lead the way for an inclusive and sustainable recovery #women power #gender equality#rights#justice; ending GBV @BangladeshUN1 @MAZappia @AminaJMohammed @UN_PGA @AmbAlyaAlThani @VRugwabiza @AudraPlepyte @aliekabba_SL @UN_Women https://t.co/4HOuIGutIR pic.twitter.com/aX4ED1Uwbq

— Rabab Fatima (@rababfh2016) March 31, 2021

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